Webroot Desktop Firewall

by Wisideeple1939 on / IT

The term firewall is used quite a bit when talking about computer security. What exactly is a firewall, and do you as a personal computer user really need one?

A firewall creates a barrier that controls communication between your computer and the internet. It can be either hardware based or software based. A hardware-based firewall is built directly into a piece of computer hardware or an accessory such as a router. A software-based firewall is installed on your computer. Click here to try Webroot’s Desktop Firewall, a software-based firewall for free.

A personal firewall is important for security

A personal firewall will protect your computer from being hijacked by someone else. Webroot’s Desktop Firewall provides protection in two ways:

  • First, Webroot’s Desktop Firewall block unauthorized access to your computer. If you have a high-speed DSL or Cable connection your computer is at greater risk. It’s important to realize your computer is vulnerable to certain kinds of attacks even if your email program and internet browser are closed.
  • Second, Webroot’s Desktop Firewall lets your computer run in “Stealth Mode” while you’re surfing the internet. What this means is your computer is invisible or hidden from attackers while you’re on the internet. The Internet Storm Center reports that the typical computer (one without a personal firewall) will come under attack within 20 minutes of hitting the internet.

Doesn’t my computer have a firewall built in?

Windows do have a firewall program that comes along with it, and yes it does provide you with protection against incoming traffic. It does not provide protection against outgoing traffic. If your computer does become infected with a virus, worm or keylogger, information can be transmitted from your computer. Webroot’s Desktop Firewall provides protection against both incoming and outgoing communication.

A personal firewall is an important component of your computer’s security. Along with a good anti-virus and anti-spyware program, a personal firewall such as Webroot’s Desktop Firewall will give you peace of mind while you’re on the internet. Click here for a free, fully functional trial of Webroot’s Desktop Firewall.