Virus Protection

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Virus protection is important because even with all the media attention and awareness of the problem, computer viruses are still an issue that needs to be addressed when it comes to safe computing. One statistic on the internet reports that approximately 24% of the computers in the USA on that date (2/22/06) were infected with a computer virus.

The best way to protect yourself and your computer is with virus protection software. It doesn’t matter if you use your computer for business or personal reasons (or both) – virus protection is a key component of your internet safety and security strategy.

Virus Protection Software Works in Several Ways

Good virus protection software can protect your computer in several ways. First, it can scan all the files on your computer to see if you are infected with a virus. If you are, virus protection software can either remove the virus from your computer or quarantine it so it doesn’t cause any further harm.

Next, virus protection software can scan incoming and outgoing emails and attachments for viruses. Virus protection can stop an infection before it even starts on your PC. Most computer viruses are spread via email – even from people you know. It’s interesting to note that a computer virus is self-replicating. What this means is that the virus is capable of creating copies of itself and spreading it to other computers on your network, or to the people in your email address book. Virus protection software scans all your outgoing emails. In the unlikely event that your computer is infected with a virus, virus protection software will stop infected attachments from being sent to all your friends and family.

Virus Protection Needs to be Kept Current

There are hundreds of thousands of known computer viruses. You can take a look at our computer virus database to see what they are. Virus protection software will protect you against all known viruses. Good virus protection software will also distribute updates to all users as new computer viruses are discovered.

Virus Protection Key to Safe Computing

Virus protection software is a key component in your computer security plan. Along with a personal firewall and anti-spyware software, virus protection programs can give you the peace of mind you need while surfing the internet.