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How to handle the effect of Google Algorithm in 2019?

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Every year, the one thing SEO professionals and businesses fear is a search engine algorithm update. Google and other search engines keep updating their algorithm to make their user’s search experience effective and easy. However, not all algorithm updates are to be afraid of. Although Google brings over 500 updates each year, most of the changes have no significant effect on a website’s ranking. For professionals offering SEO services Sydney, it is essential to be abreast with such updates and find ways to implement changes in their SEO efforts to negate the effect of the algorithm updates. 

Before we discuss how you can minimize the impact of some major search engine algorithm updates and make the most of it, it is essential to understand what is Google algorithm and how does it work.

Google and other search engines have an algorithm to process the data from the websites present on the platform. When a user makes a search query, the algorithm shows only those sites which are accurate and relevant. There are various metrics and factors like relevance and user value that determines which webpages would be ranked high on SERP and which one would be penalized.

It is not uncommon for businesses and SEO professionals to find themselves in a state of panic whenever a new Google algorithm update is announced. But SEO specialist Sydney knows their way through these updates very well.

Let’s see how:

Don’t panic, but be watchful:

The first thing all business owners and SEO specialists should do when any major search engine algorithm update hits is to stay calm. Although Google does not disclose the changes made in their algorithm, they do drop a hint here and there. Thus, it becomes essential for webmasters to be watchful of any significant changes in their websites. Whenever Google announces a major algorithm change, start evaluating your website. Observe any significant change they may have happened on your website or its ranking soon after the update.

Check your traffic and positions

The visible indicator of any significant algorithm update effect is the website’s ranking. To determine if your site has suffered any loss due to the change, check your page ranking. By using various tools and software, you can analyze the differences and work on it.

Analyze your website

In SEO, content plays a crucial role in determining at what position a website will get ranked. When evaluating your website, keep an eye on the content. If you spot any duplicate, irrelevant or content that is no longer necessary, remove it. Besides content, the backlink is an essential factor in determining the rank of a website. If your website has inbound links from low or unethical sites, Google may ban or penalize your site as well.

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