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Top 10 Facts about Comprehensive IT Assessments

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Making a brilliant IT assessment is always difficult due to numerous reasons related to processes. Since IT assessments are extremely important in various student related decisions; it should be precise in first go.  In order to enact effective assessments, the following 8 things should be taken into consideration

Evaluation of investments in information technology is quite a difficult task, difficulties being both conceptual and functional. The fact that the investment’s performance is very much dependent on the way a certain information technology project is implemented renders the evaluation procedure even more difficult. IT assessments propose a certain methodology for evaluating investments in information technology, placing special emphasis on investments in telecommunications infrastructure.

In first place, assessment of the alternative implementations/design solutions is conducted and selection of the one best satisfying user and system requirements is selected. At second level, the selected alternative is compared with the present situation so that the expediency and feasibility of assuming the investment are determined. Evaluation is based on both economic and technical criteria. Technology projects are big undertaking for nonprofits, especially when budgeting is tight. However, any organization can perform a tech self-assessment, & better understand the shortcomings of their networks & their future technology needs & also computer storage solutions.

An assessment provides an indication around which decisions are made. Assessment is always a core part for any informative process. As a result, the making of assessments with a focus on subject planning helps in better outcomes related to learning.

Certify that learning objectives must be aligned to the assessment process. Any deviation in the same might leads to taking wrong decisions for student position on learning portfolio.

Objectivity must be relative to context through which pupilcanco-relate subjective knowledge like experimental demand so as to portray competence. Please do not mix it up with difficulty.

Headings must be commanding. If core contents in dictating genre, the students will automatically construct their road toward stop level, thereby assessing the integrated learning.

Let us take an example from the province for enduring understanding. Select from the domain by considering the durable elements that provide the evidence students have mastered the essential content and have a strong foundation for further learning. Moreover, sample a larger number of items from broader standards, and reduce the number when assessing more granular learning targets.

Carefully consider the value of distractors, and ensure that students who do not know the content well can answer something to help inform you of their level of proficiency.

Use item-level and test statistics to guide decisions about scoring. Be sure to evaluate item statistics on appropriate tests before assigning grades or making other decisions using assessment data.

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Managing your finances with these four automation ideas

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Today’s technologies have provided man with the capability to automate tasks and responsibilities. Studies have shown that around 45% of current operational processes can be automated.

Another study revealed that around 60% of traditional jobs can have a third of its operational processes automated using current technologies and could soon even evolve to more processes for automation in the near and not-too-distant future.

With advancements in artificial intelligence and machine-learning processes, it’s not a surprise to find that IT consulting services in VA not only provide computer storage solutions but could also enhance features from business process systems to managing financial automation.

What could have been thought difficult at first could now be highly feasible today and here are four ideas how automation can help you save time and money.

Never be afraid to automate your finances
There are a lot of methods to help you streamline your financial obligations and other related processes that deal with your income and expenses. With all the current advancements, you can count on financial technology to help you get started.

Automating your finances means you start laying down all your fixed regular spending and automate it using smartphone or software applications that help you manage your finances without all the fuss. Simply check online and search for applications that you suitable for your financial management needs.

Online banking, on the other hand, can also help you take control of your financial resources better and more conveniently. Update your passwords regularly and make ones that are not easily recognizable or linked to any of your personal information or effects.

Increased productivity by automating your income and expenses
Around half of the companies around the world have been using marketing automation and 55% of business-to-business (B2B) companies have adopted automation technologies to streamline operations. According to 91% of companies, they agree that marketing automation is vital to overall marketing success.

An increase in sales productivity has been seen at 14.5% as a result of marketing automation and a 12.2% reduction in overhead marketing costs. This is looking at it in the large –scale, but imagine how it could also benefit you as an individual.

Automate marketing processes
There are tons of benefits of automation marketing, especially in business. It puts together all the necessary functions of human tasks in a software platform. With most companies taking advantage of marketing automation, it does make one consider its benefits as mentioned earlier.

Automate repetitive and regular tasks
Incorporating AI and machine-learning capabilities aside from autonomy, allows the system to adapt and adjust as it “learns “and considers all factors encountered to make for better improvements to processes.

Automation has brought a lot of promise to businesses and organizations and has clearly demonstrated the impacts to costs and productivity in any organizational system or process, saving time and money at every turn.

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Virus Protection

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Virus protection is important because even with all the media attention and awareness of the problem, computer viruses are still an issue that needs to be addressed when it comes to safe computing. One statistic on the internet reports that approximately 24% of the computers in the USA on that date (2/22/06) were infected with a computer virus.

The best way to protect yourself and your computer is with virus protection software. It doesn’t matter if you use your computer for business or personal reasons (or both) – virus protection is a key component of your internet safety and security strategy.

Virus Protection Software Works in Several Ways

Good virus protection software can protect your computer in several ways. First, it can scan all the files on your computer to see if you are infected with a virus. If you are, virus protection software can either remove the virus from your computer or quarantine it so it doesn’t cause any further harm.

Next, virus protection software can scan incoming and outgoing emails and attachments for viruses. Virus protection can stop an infection before it even starts on your PC. Most computer viruses are spread via email – even from people you know. It’s interesting to note that a computer virus is self-replicating. What this means is that the virus is capable of creating copies of itself and spreading it to other computers on your network, or to the people in your email address book. Virus protection software scans all your outgoing emails. In the unlikely event that your computer is infected with a virus, virus protection software will stop infected attachments from being sent to all your friends and family.

Virus Protection Needs to be Kept Current

There are hundreds of thousands of known computer viruses. You can take a look at our computer virus database to see what they are. Virus protection software will protect you against all known viruses. Good virus protection software will also distribute updates to all users as new computer viruses are discovered.

Virus Protection Key to Safe Computing

Virus protection software is a key component in your computer security plan. Along with a personal firewall and anti-spyware software, virus protection programs can give you the peace of mind you need while surfing the internet.

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Should you build your own PC?

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Ah, the big debate when it comes to personal home computers: Should you build your own or just buy one?

When looking inside a computer one might immediately have the feeling of just quitting while you’re ahead. All those wires and circuit boards can scare some people as to even touching the computer for fear they might destroy it.

However, don’t get discouraged.

Assembling your own computer is like assembling a child’s toy. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of learning to build your own PC.

PROS: If you are more concerned about the budget of your computer and not so worried about the additional components of a PC, just buying a package may be the right answer for you. However, if you want to add some specs that are right for your demand, assembling your own PC may be the best option.

Building your own PC will allow you to pick and choose the components thus allowing you to match more exactly your needs and desires in a home computer.

Those cheap PC packages at many stores more than likely have the bare minimum components and will not have those extras you really want. If you really want the best and still be reasonably priced, upgrading your PC components piece by piece works a lot better.

Building your own computer is a great experience as well and a chance to learn what makes your computer tick thus making future repair and troubleshooting much easier. You will have a better understanding as to how each component works with each other. The knowledge you gain will be very useful when you’re computer breaks down. And we all know that is a “when” and not “if”, right?

Troubleshooting knowledge is very useful and can save you a ton of money in technician costs. You will be able to find the problem on your own PC and repair it by yourself. The cost of getting it repaired by someone else is expensive. Plus, with this new skill set, you have an added bonus to repair the computers of other people and you can possibly earn from that knowledge as well.

When you build your own system, you can guarantee that your computer is the best as you know exactly what is inside it. Retailers will often use cheap Original Equipment Manufacturer to cut down the cost of the computer. Cheaper cost equals bigger profits. The performance of your computer will be compromised when cheap parts are used. Brand name components may be costly but are worth the cost.

In the world of PCs it often is ‘you get what you pay for’!

CONS: A disadvantage in building your own PC is not getting a warranty for the whole system. You will only get warranty component by component as you buy them so if the motherboard fries the chips you will only have warranty for the board but and not the chips.

However, if you buy all your components from the same retailer, you may possibly get some compensation.

Bottom line building your own PC is really priceless. It may take a lot of your time but the time spent will be valuable for future endeavors. It’s not that intimidating to build your own PC, just consider it as a challenge.

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Email Spam

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Anyone who uses email on a regular basis (whether for personal or business reasons) most likely has experienced the nuisance of email spam. You know the messages we mean – anything from herbal drugs, to low-interest mortgage loans, or even single people in your town looking for company. The people that send out these types of messages are called email spammers.

What is Email Spam?

Email spam is any unwanted, unsolicited email message, sent out in bulk. More often than not the messages are commercial in nature, but chain letters are also considered spam.

Email Spam is a Growing Problem

Things are getting worse rather than better in terms of the number of email spam messages sent out daily. One leading internet service provider reports that 30% of the 30 million email messages processed by them are considered spam. A report issued by the Radicati Group estimates that by 2007 70% of the email messages sent daily will be email spam.

Where do Email Spammers Get the Addresses?

Email addresses are collected (or “harvested”) from websites, Usenet postings, newsgroups, chat rooms, and the like. The email spammers either go out and get the addresses themselves to build their distribution lists or will purchase the addresses from a list broker that provides this service. Sometimes the spammers will use popular email extensions and guess at the names using familiar names and variations of them.

Is Email Spam Bad?

Yes. The major problem with email spam is that it consumes resources, both on the internet and your computer specifically. There’s the possibility of identity theft with Phishing messages (which are considered email spam). But most of all email spam is a nuisance. It gets very annoying and tiresome to deal with these messages every time you open your email program.

What Can You Do to Avoid Email Spam?

First, do not reply to an email spam message. If a product is advertised, don’t buy it via the email message. If the email spammers can’t make money from the messages they send out they’ll stop sending them. Also, don’t reply to the message to remove your email address. That specific advertiser will remove you from their list but will go ahead and sell your email address as a valid address to a list broker.

Second, consider using a “junk” email address to use when prompted on the internet to provide an email address. Create a second email address for personal use, using a variety of letters and numbers to make it difficult for email spammers to “guess” your email address.

Don’t provide your email address unless you know how it will be used. Reputable firms and websites will tell you in their privacy policy how they use your personal information and that includes your email address. On these reputable websites, you’ll be given the opportunity to “opt-in” or “opt-out” of receiving email messages.

Finally, use a good anti-spam program to get rid of email spam messages before they even arrive in your inbox.

Following these suggestions won’t rid the world of email spam. They will, however, help you avoid the nuisance of email spam in your personal and business email usage.

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Email Scams

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Every time you open your email program chances are you’ll find a message that contains an email scam. When you think of the word scam you might automatically think of a criminal trying to steal your money. Email scams, either directly or indirectly, are designed to cheat you out of your money one way or another.

Email scams can come in all shapes and sizes. This article will provide some examples of the types of email scams you might find on the internet today.

Employment Scams

One of the more popular types of email scam you might encounter is the employment scams, usually dealing with foreign or overseas employment. These scams are often targeted towards people in Asian and other countries with high unemployment rates. There are a few ways in which the unsuspecting recipient could be scammed:

  • An offer of guaranteed employment within a certain period of time, for a fee.
  • The criminal claims to be working on behalf of a real company overseas. After a telephone interview or a face to face interview, the victim is told they got the job but need to pay a certain amount of money to cover administrative fees, work permits, visas and so on.

Get Rich Quick Scams

These are emails that offer the recipient a chance to earn money effortlessly and quickly. An example of this type of scam would be the Advance Fee Fraud, also known as the “Nigerian 419” scam. In these scams, you get an email from a government “official” asking for your assistance in transferring money from a bank in their country to another one. The victim is asked to provide letterhead and other information from their current bank (including bank account numbers) to expedite the transaction. Of course, there is no money coming from that foreign government. The only money changing hands is the money the criminals take from your bank account.

Other examples of getting rich quick email scams include:

  • The Foreign Cashier’s Check Scam
  • Work at Home scams
  • Investment opportunity scams
  • Foreign lottery scams

Credit Card / Loan Scams

The victim receives an email stating they’ve been pre-approved for a credit card or a personal loan. The victim is asked to pay a fee to guarantee the loan or credit card. The criminal keeps the money, and the victim receives nothing.

Credit Repair Scams

An email is sent out that guarantees the recipient can “fix” their bad credit or bankruptcy for a fee. No company can fix someone’s credit – it’s just the con artists preying on the desperate yet again.

Product Scams

Whether it’s herbal male enhancement pills or weight loss drugs, the products sent out don’t live up to the claims made in the original email messages. The victims are just throwing away good money on products that don’t work.

Protect Yourself from Email Scams

Don’t respond to unsolicited emails you receive that promise you a windfall. Chances are they are a scam or a Phishing email. Be skeptical of any claims made in these emails you receive. You can always go to your favorite search engine to determine the legitimacy of the email.

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Webroot Desktop Firewall

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The term firewall is used quite a bit when talking about computer security. What exactly is a firewall, and do you as a personal computer user really need one?

A firewall creates a barrier that controls communication between your computer and the internet. It can be either hardware based or software based. A hardware-based firewall is built directly into a piece of computer hardware or an accessory such as a router. A software-based firewall is installed on your computer. Click here to try Webroot’s Desktop Firewall, a software-based firewall for free.

A personal firewall is important for security

A personal firewall will protect your computer from being hijacked by someone else. Webroot’s Desktop Firewall provides protection in two ways:

  • First, Webroot’s Desktop Firewall block unauthorized access to your computer. If you have a high-speed DSL or Cable connection your computer is at greater risk. It’s important to realize your computer is vulnerable to certain kinds of attacks even if your email program and internet browser are closed.
  • Second, Webroot’s Desktop Firewall lets your computer run in “Stealth Mode” while you’re surfing the internet. What this means is your computer is invisible or hidden from attackers while you’re on the internet. The Internet Storm Center reports that the typical computer (one without a personal firewall) will come under attack within 20 minutes of hitting the internet.

Doesn’t my computer have a firewall built in?

Windows do have a firewall program that comes along with it, and yes it does provide you with protection against incoming traffic. It does not provide protection against outgoing traffic. If your computer does become infected with a virus, worm or keylogger, information can be transmitted from your computer. Webroot’s Desktop Firewall provides protection against both incoming and outgoing communication.

A personal firewall is an important component of your computer’s security. Along with a good anti-virus and anti-spyware program, a personal firewall such as Webroot’s Desktop Firewall will give you peace of mind while you’re on the internet. Click here for a free, fully functional trial of Webroot’s Desktop Firewall.

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Webroot Window Washer

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Window Washer is a software program that protects your privacy by “washing away” traces of your online and offline activity on your computer. It also works as a system optimizer, improving your computer’s performance by removing unnecessary and/or unwanted information from your computer.

There are two reasons you need Window Washer:

  1. Window Washer improves the performance of your computer.
  2. Window Washer protects your privacy.

Click here to get Window Washer for your PC.

Improved System Performance
When you use Microsoft Windows, there are files stored on your computer that you don’t even know exist. While these files are not harmful, they do take up valuable space on your hard drive. Webroot Window Washer will delete any files that you don’t need. This in turn will make your PC run faster both on and off the internet.

Privacy Protection
When you surf the internet, information is left behind about where you’ve been. A list of recently viewed websites remains in your internet browser, and sometimes websites will leave cookies on your PC. Window Washer will clean away this information so no one can find out what you do or where you’ve been on the net.
When you work offline, a list of recently viewed or modified documents will appear in your start menu. Window Washer prevents a document from being stored in this menu.

Privacy protection becomes especially important when you share a computer with someone, or if other people have access to your computer. If someone gains access to your PC they will not be able to see where you’ve been on the internet, or what documents you’ve worked on recently.

Window Washer is Easy to Use
Window Washer is easy to use. You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to install or configure the program. The interface is very user-friendly and simple. You can schedule an automatic wash session based on your individual needs. You can have Window Washer clean your PC every time you start Windows, every time you close your internet browser, or even at time intervals of every 15 minutes if you want.

There are several tools that every computer user needs to protect themselves and their privacy. You need a good anti-virus program, a good anti-spyware program, and a good internet privacy / system cleaner program like Webroot Window Washer. Click here to download it now.

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Internet Optimizer Programs

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Optimize your internet connection today with an Internet Optimizer. You can increase your internet speed up to 200%. They are designed to work with all types of internet connections (dial-up, DSL, satellite or cable) and can work with Microsoft Windows 98, NT, XP, ME and 2000.

Many people don’t realize that there are settings on your computer that must be changed in order to obtain the best internet speed possible. Also, be aware that every time you install a Windows update or security patch these settings can be returned to their default values which means slow, non-optimized web surfing. An Internet Optimizer is an easy way to keep your computer settings at their optimal values.

Getting an Internet Optimizer is a great idea for anyone who’s frustrated with their current internet experience. Have you just purchased a new computer? Upgraded to DSL or cable connections? This is an easy way to optimize your internet surfing and even get quicker downloads.

Your Internet Optimizer allows you to optimize your internet bandwidth so you can get every bit of speed that is available out of your internet provider. Your computer will be set up to allow you to get the best performance out of your existing hardware. Web pages load faster and download complete quicker. Tweak your DSL connection, cable connection, satellite connection or dial-up connection so your internet experience will be fast and easy. You’ll have the tool you need to keep your internet surfing at its peak. Use SpeedUpMyPC 2.0 to optimize your internet connection.

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