Should you build your own PC?

by Wisideeple1939 on / IT

Ah, the big debate when it comes to personal home computers: Should you build your own or just buy one?

When looking inside a computer one might immediately have the feeling of just quitting while you’re ahead. All those wires and circuit boards can scare some people as to even touching the computer for fear they might destroy it.

However, don’t get discouraged.

Assembling your own computer is like assembling a child’s toy. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of learning to build your own PC.

PROS: If you are more concerned about the budget of your computer and not so worried about the additional components of a PC, just buying a package may be the right answer for you. However, if you want to add some specs that are right for your demand, assembling your own PC may be the best option.

Building your own PC will allow you to pick and choose the components thus allowing you to match more exactly your needs and desires in a home computer.

Those cheap PC packages at many stores more than likely have the bare minimum components and will not have those extras you really want. If you really want the best and still be reasonably priced, upgrading your PC components piece by piece works a lot better.

Building your own computer is a great experience as well and a chance to learn what makes your computer tick thus making future repair and troubleshooting much easier. You will have a better understanding as to how each component works with each other. The knowledge you gain will be very useful when you’re computer breaks down. And we all know that is a “when” and not “if”, right?

Troubleshooting knowledge is very useful and can save you a ton of money in technician costs. You will be able to find the problem on your own PC and repair it by yourself. The cost of getting it repaired by someone else is expensive. Plus, with this new skill set, you have an added bonus to repair the computers of other people and you can possibly earn from that knowledge as well.

When you build your own system, you can guarantee that your computer is the best as you know exactly what is inside it. Retailers will often use cheap Original Equipment Manufacturer to cut down the cost of the computer. Cheaper cost equals bigger profits. The performance of your computer will be compromised when cheap parts are used. Brand name components may be costly but are worth the cost.

In the world of PCs it often is ‘you get what you pay for’!

CONS: A disadvantage in building your own PC is not getting a warranty for the whole system. You will only get warranty component by component as you buy them so if the motherboard fries the chips you will only have warranty for the board but and not the chips.

However, if you buy all your components from the same retailer, you may possibly get some compensation.

Bottom line building your own PC is really priceless. It may take a lot of your time but the time spent will be valuable for future endeavors. It’s not that intimidating to build your own PC, just consider it as a challenge.